Liquid Gold [Vape Tank] – Jungle Juice Review

Liquid Gold [Vape Tank] - Jungle Juice


Alleviates Depression & Anxiety


Relieves Pain


Eliminates & Prevents Acne


Fight Away Cancer


Improves Sleep



Liquid Gold CBD Vape Tank is one of the best alternatives to CBD oils, gummies and tinctures. This e-liquid not only appears cool but it contains a high CBD concentration.

Just tuck it into your pocket, and take it with you wherever you please. The Liquid Gold CBD Vape Tank Jungle Juice allows you to enjoy all CBD benefits.

It is available in a number of flavors, but this one here is a bold Jungle Juice Flavor.

Liquid Gold Vape Tank

Benefits of Liquid Gold Vape Tank

This jungle juice e-liquid contains Cannabidiol derived from industrial hemp. And so, it is packing a lot of health benefits.

Eliminates fear: for one, it can help with eliminating fear and making one think themselves a warrior. You know, fear resides in the mind, and it’s what holds us down from getting what we want. But when you are loaded on CBD, your mind is rewired, so that you cease to be afraid. You stop caring what the world thinks of you. You stop lending any credibility to the voice of vicious criticism stemming from inside you. And now you are free to live the life you have always wanted to.

Improves mood: Cannabidiol is an awesome mood-booster. It helps you stop being “down” all the time. I’m sure you have seen someone who appears as though they want to pick a fight all the time. Such people usually have unstable moods. It may have been the result of childhood abuse, existential challenges, and even genetics. But having a foul mood all the time negatively impacts your personality and causes society to shun you; which is awful. CBD induces calmness in your soul and causes you to lighten up.

Improves digestion: are you the type of person that goes for days without having to poop? I have got news for you. That’s not something to brag about, but instead, you should be worried about it. Indigestion impairs the body in several ways and it can ultimately precipitate an untimely death. Cannabidiol ramps up the digestive machines and promotes abdominal health.

Ingredients of Liquid Gold Vape Tank

– Industrial hemp cannabidiol

– Vegetable glycerine

– Artificial flavoring


With less than 0.3% THC, you won’t get high, and so, you may take with you this e-liquid pretty much anywhere.

It contains high-grade CBD and will bestow on you a number of health benefits. Click on the button below to access their official website.