What are Cannabis Terpenes and Are They Essential in CBD Oil?

    What are Cannabis Terpenes and Are They Essential in CBD Oil?

    If you’ve ever held marijuana or hemp to your nose and gave it a sniff, you must have caught a distinct smell. Terpenes are the chemical compounds that regulate both the aroma and taste of cannabis.

    Terpenes are quite ubiquitous compounds, and they are found in many plants. Considering their role, they are responsible for the likability of many plants.

    These chemical compounds evolved because of the need to repel looming invaders as well as attract pollinator bugs. No matter what method you use to extract CBD oil, there’s always going to be terpenes.

    There are many types of terpenes, and it’s difficult to say what their standard smell is like. But they have been divided into these broad categories: sweet, spicy, sour, and bitter.

    What’s interesting about terpenes is that they can trigger different outcomes after consuming CBD. Some terpenes can increase your physical energy, others can boost your happiness, while others can increase your focus.

    Also, most of the chemical properties of terpenes are activated after heating to a certain degree, and so, you have to have this in mind to enjoy the full benefits of terpenes.

    Types of Terpenes Found in Cannabis

    There are hundreds of terpenes found in cannabis. Below, we make mention of some of the widespread terpenes.


    • One of the most prevalent terpenes in Cannabis
    • It has a distinct earthy scent
    • Besides cannabis, myrcene is found in many other kinds of grass and trees
    • Myrcene contains significantly high sedative powers
    • Great for inflammation and chronic pain


    • It’s a fairly prevalent terpene too
    • It has a scent that is close to the lemon scent
    • It is extremely powerful in eliminating stress


    • It has a distinct spicy edge to it
    • This terpene is also found in cinnamon and lavender
    • It’s great for inducing sleep and increasing calm
    • It’s also great for improving moods
    • Additionally, it’s useful in treating health issues like arthritis and cancer


    • It has a sharp and spicy scent
    • It can also be found in cloves and rosemary
    • Great for treating anxiety

    Alpha-pinene and Beta-pinene

    • They have a distinct scent that echos pine trees
    • These two terpenes can also be found in rosemary and basil
    • They are useful in treating many health problems


    • It has an incredibly sweet smell
    • It can also be gotten in chamomile flower
    • It’s great for eliminating harmful microbes


    • It has an earthy/nutty scent
    • Can also be gotten in tobacco
    • It has powerful antioxidant qualities

    Can Terpenes Make You High?

    One of the reasons why CBD appeals to a bigger crowd is that you cannot possibly get high. I mean, the average person lives out their life in environments where getting judged is the norm.

    And considering that terpenes occur in many strains of the cannabis plant, the concern as to whether you’d get high from ingesting terpenes is legitimate.

    The simple answer is: NO.

    You can spend the whole day ingesting concentrated terpenes and still you wouldn’t get high. Terpenes play a crucial role in the entourage effect.

    Terpenes work synergistically with other chemical compounds to tune up the effects of CBD oil. However, in as much as you cannot get high from consuming terpenes, ensure that you don’t take more than necessary.

    Benefits of Terpenes

    There are numerous terpenes in the cannabis plant. And different terpenes have different strengths. It’s important to note that terpenes don’t work alone but they work together with other chemical compounds to beget these results. The points below indicate terpenes’ collective health benefits.

    • Inducing good moods
    • Increasing focus and alertness
    • Strengthening memory retention
    • Anti-inflammatory properties
    • Anti-oxidant properties
    • Relieving pain
    • Reducing stress
    • Fighting diabetes

    Some people wonder what’s the best way to consume terpenes. Several comparisons have been done and it was found that vaping is the best way of ingesting terpenes.

    It’s also important to mention that most terpenes are allowed by the FDA. They are recognized for their diverse health benefits.

    Terpenes and Drug Test

    Are you worried that because you like ingesting something that is found in the cannabis plant you are going to fail a drug test?

    Here’s the thing: drug tests are aimed at detecting THC, the psychoactive chemical compound found in cannabis strains.

    Terpenes cannot alter your mind as THC would, and even if you’re subjected to a drug test, terpenes cannot make you fail.

    Are Terpenes Vital in CBD Oil?

    Absolutely! Any CBD oil that you take will have some amount of terpenes. To enjoy maximum health benefits, you have to be intentional about it and buy CBD oil that contains inflated terpenes levels.

    CBD oil is slowly taking its spot in the wellness industry. More people are discovering that CBD is more effective at treating certain health problems than conventional medicine.

    Even if you have a clean bill of health, you may still consume CBD oil and terpenes, for it will help you preserve your wellbeing.